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A fellow named CALUM BULMER has issued a complaint to my hosting service (Bluehost) claiming to own, by virtue of being a partner in the company Celtic Music, the copyright on this traditional music and has issued a DMCA TAKEDOWN NOTICE.

Mr. Bulmer claims to be a partner in the company "Celtic Music" (in the UK) but a search at Companies House reveals there is no such company by that name, and that the name Celtic Music is available for use. Further, a search for Calum Bulmer reveals him to be an officer of the companies Insideout Supplies Ltd (08707760) and Useful Information Ltd (07946074), and, under the name Calum Reed Bulmer, an officer of Celtic Visions Ltd (03026980).

Mr. Bulmer made his unverifiable claim of copyright infringement without providing any proof whatsoever that the alleged copyright exists, or verification that the company "Celtic Music" exists, or proof that he is the authorized representative of "Celtic Music", or any form of verification that either he or "Celtic Music" holds the alleged copyright.

Indeed, one has to wonder how any inividual or company, can legitimately claim copyright (ownership) of traditional Irish tunes that have been in the public realm for generations. That takes a lot of gall indeed!

I do not wish to risk a problem with my hosting service being disabled and so I am complying with Bluehost's request to "disable access to the allegedly infringing material within 48 hours". So the BlackBook will not be available until such time as I can convince Bluehost that, as I believe is clearly the case, there is no basis whatsoever for Mr. Bulmer's outrageous and unsupported claims of copyright infringment and his unjustified and unwarranted threats of punative legal repercussions to Bluehost as well as to myself.

Sorry folks. (January 30, 2017)