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There is a "Celtic Jam" at the Black Horse Pub held the 1st Sunday of each month from 2-5pm (note the new schedule as of Jan 2012). All players of all levels are welcome - sheet music is OK too.

This page is lists some of the tunes we play here in Peterborough. Mostly we play Irish tunes, keeping to a theme. However, we all like other music as well, and don't mind straying from the genre.

There's an Irish/Celtic session on Friday evenings starting at 8:30pm at Walsh's Village Inn Pub in Bowmanville hosted by Steafan Hannigan and Saskia Tomkins. Here are some details. All are welcome.

On this page you'll find tunes, arrangements and sheet music (gif/pdf), audio and pointers to other resources for the tune as we get 'em.

 Irish Tunes
 Cape Breton, Quebec & Other Canadian Tunes
 The Black Book - Peterborough Rendition
 Mandolin Society of Peterborough(MSOP)

Irish Tunes
Ah Surely
An Suiscin Ban (set dance)
Apples in Winter
Art O'Keefe's (Seán Smyth set #1)
Ash Plant (Edorian)  
Autumn Child  
Banks of Lough Gowna
Banshee, The
Behind the Haystack (Munster Buttermilk)
Bimid ag ol
Blarney Pilgrim
Blast of Wind, A
Blindman's Reel
Bluebird, The  
Boy in the Gap, The
Boys of Ballinahinch
Boys of Malin  
Bridget Cruise
Broken Pledge
Butterfly, The
Castle Kelly
Cat that ate the Candle
Chicago Reel  
Chloe's Passion
Christmas Eve
Cliffs of Moher
Collier's Reel
Connaughtmans' Rambles
Cooley's (Joe Cooley's)
Coppers and Brass
Curlews, The  
Daniel's Harbour Breakdown  
Denis Langtou's (Seán Smyth set #2)
Dennis Murphy's
Drag Her Down The Road  
Drowsy Maggie
Drunken Landlady
Dusty Windowsill, The
Farewell to Ireland
Farrell O'Gara's
Father O' Flynn
Fig for a Kiss
Fleur de Mandragore
Fox Hunter
Frank's Reel
Fred Finn's
Garrett Barry's Jig
Geese in the Bog
Gravel Walk
Hag with the Money
House of Hamill
Humours of Ballyloughlin
I Buried My Wife and Danced on Her Grave  
If Only You Were Mine
Isle of Palms, The  
Jack McCann
Jackie Coleman's  
Jamaica Jam (Seán Smyth set #1)
Jean's Reel  
Jenny's Wedding
Jim O'Donoghues (aka. Jim Donough's)
Joe Cormier's
Jug of Punch
Juniper Jig  
Kerry Reel
King of the Clans  
Kiss the Maid Behind the Barrel  
Knotted Cord  
Larry Og (Culfadda, Kiffadda, The Cruel Father)
Lilting Banshee
Little Pickle  
MacArthur Road (aka Old But Happy at 63
Maid Behind the Bar
Man of the House
Martin Rocheford's (C & D)
Martin Rocheford's (Seán Smyth set #2)
McGivney's Fancy
McKillop's (Seán Smyth set #2)
Merrily Kissed the Quaker
Milltown Jig
Monaghan Jig (4 parts !)
Morrison's Jig
Mountain Road, The  
Munster Buttermilk (jig)  
Mutt's Favourite
Neck Belly  
Old Bush, The  
Old Copperplate
Old Hag You Have Killed Me
Old Tipperary
Otter's Holt
Paddy Fahy's Jig  
Paddy Fahy's No. 14  
Parson's Pond  
Peeler's Jacket, The  
Pigeon on the Gate
Pipe on the Hob  
Plough and the Starts
Punch in the Dark
Queen of the Rushes  
Rakish Paddy
Repeal of the Union
Rolling in the Rye Grass
Rolling Wave
Rose in the Heater  
Sally Garden
Scaffie's Cairt  
Scatter the Mud
Scottish Concerto (Charlie Lennon's)
Sergeant Early's Dream
Silver Spear
Sinful Waltz, The  
Siobhan O'Donnell's (with Ian Lowthian jig)
Siobhan O'Donnell's Reel  
Sligo Maid
Sonny's Mazurka
Spike Island Lasses  
Strayaway Child  
Swedish Jig (Arthur Darley's Swedish Jig)  
Tatter Jack Walsh  
Throw the Beetle at Her (aka Minor Jig)
Tom Billy's
Toss the Feathers (versions 1 & 3)
Trip to Athlone
Trip to Sligo  
Tripping to the Well (Seán Smyth set #1)
Two Mile Bridge  
Walker Street
Wedding Gift
Wedding Reel
Wise Maid
Yellow Tinker
Y's Reel  

Many of the tunes above were gathered from www.thesession.org.

Arrangement suggestions
Blarney Pilgrim/Kesh/Father O'Flynn
Christmas Eve/Musical Priest/Joe Cooley's
Coppers and Brass/Whelan's/Lark in the Morning
Dusty Windowsills/Humours of Ballyloughlin/Old Tipperary
Fig for a Kiss/Fox Hunter's/Throw the Beetle at Her
Fleur de Mandragore/The Ash Plant/Siobhan O'Donnell's Reel
Freize's Britches/Munster Buttermilk (aka. Behind the Haystack)/Tripping up the Stairs
Jamaica Jam/Tripping to the Well/Art Okeefe's (Seán Smyth set #1)
Maid Behind the Bar/The Banshee/Drowsy Maggie
McKillop's/Martin Rocheford/Dennis Langtou's (Seán Smyth set #2)
Na Ceannabhain Bhana(aka. The Little Fair Canavans)/Maire Rua/Kid on the Mountain
Neck Belly/Muster Buttermilk (jig)  
Out on the Ocean/Rolling Waves
Parson's Pond / Daniel's Harbour Breakdown / The Bluebird
The Plough and the Stars/Larry Og
Walls of Liscarrol/Haste to the Wedding/Three penny Bit
Wise Maid/Laurel Tree/Maid Behind the Bar
Yellow Tinker/Hairy Chested Frog/Floating Crowbar/Upstairs in a Tent

Cape Breton, Quebec & Other Canadian Tunes
Butteryfly Bows (anne Lindsay)
Compliments to Sean Maquire
Galope Et Chaine De Cotillon / Pointe Au Pic
Horseshoes and Rainbows (Oliver Schroer)
Juniper Jig / The Scaffie's Cairt
Lala's Jig (Jerry Holland)
Muriel's Waltz (Brian Pickell)
My Lilly/The Sweetness of Mary/Hughie Jim Paul's
Niel Gow's Lament For The Death Of His Second Wife
Reel For Carl (Jerry Holland)
Reverend Archie Beaton
Shehan's Reel
Sourgrass and Granite (Brian Pickell)
Sulphur Creek (Brian Pickell)
Whitefish in the Rapids

Araber Tanz
Der Heyser Bulgar
Der Yiddisher Soldat in die Trenches
Firn Di Mekhutonim Aheym
Frailach 1 & 2 (Kammen)
Nifty's freylekhs & Shloymke's freylekhs
Tantz, Tanz, Yidelekh
Yiddish Theater Medley (Mayn Shtetele Beltz)

Tune Collections and Resources
 ABC Navigator 2 Website
 ABC Explorer Website
 ABC Tune Match [tunefind] on trillian.mit.edu (quite amazing really)
 Greg Dahms Music Resources
 The Session (www.thesesson.org)
 Folk Tune Finder
 ABC Transposer
 Chris Walsh's sectionalised web-wide abc index (tons of tunes in abc format)
 The Fiddler's Companion Alphabetical Files
 The Black Book - Peterborough Rendition
 Paul and Peggy's Irish Tune Pages
Mandolin Sociecty of Peterborough (MSOP)
 MSOP Website
 Mandolin Handy Guide
 Mandolin Chord Chart (8.5" x 14")
 Mandolin Chord Chart (11" x 17")